In life, always surround yourself with positive, great people that bring out the best in you and inspire you to be your best. It is a principle I vigilantly adhere to in business and in my personal life. I have been working with Anthony Doyle for many years as a PT client and highly value his professionalism, his positivity and ability to motivate. He is an outstanding trainer and athlete and truly inspires me to be my best. His workouts are personalised, varied and highly effective. He keeps abreast with latest workouts and keeps introducing exciting and new elements into weekly training routines. He is an integral part of my wellbeing and a rock who supports my challenging personal fitness goals … and, of course, an overall super person to be around!
I initially contacted Anthony for 6 week PT in advance of getting married…..a wedding and 2 babies later (5 years) he’s still training me!

Anthony is a fantastic trainer, he pushes you out of your comfort zone and helps identify goals (which I took on reluctantly) but was delighted when I completed them. I have participated in runs and adventure races I would never have imagined completing.

I have the utmost respect for Anthony, he’s passionate about what he does and his loyalty and patients has been amazing. I would highly recommend working with him.

I started my training with Anthony over three years ago, since we started Anthony has been a positive influence in my life choices regarding my nutrition and fitness. Before I trained with him, I would have described myself as some one who tolerated exercise and only did the bare minimum. Three years later I am training for my third marathon and my body fat has decreased dramatically. Anthony’s attention to detail and his descriptions of the positive benefits of exercise are extremely valuable. The level of energy he gives to training is second to none. His persistence keeps me focused and committed to a weekly gym and running schedule. I have learned by keeping to this schedule my mind is much more positive, skin clearer and energy is always high.
Anthony is an incredible trainer with vast experience and knowledge in his field. He is so inspiring and enthusiastic and has without a doubt changed my health and wellness for the better. I can think of no one more motivated to help you reach your goals and always with a smile on his face. Whether you want to lose weight, run faster or build muscle, Anthony can help you get there.
I have trained with Anthony for over two years now. He is passionate about health and fitness and it shows through in the energy and enthusiasm he brings to every session. Every workout is different, challenging and most importantly, fun! He always ensures that your form is correct and motivates you to push past what your perceived limits are.